Independent Financial Advice

At SFA Independent Financial Advisers, we provide comprehensive financial planning services for both private and corporate clients. Whether they are saving for their, school fees, first property, taking drawdown from their retirement funds or focusing on growing and protecting their business.

With School fees rising faster than the rate of inflation, it can present financial challenges for parents who want to educate their children privately.

Whether you are saving for a specific goal like school fees or your own retirement, or just hoping to put away money for your family, SFA Independent Financial Advisers can help your put a plan together to help with reaching those goals.

We can help you to structure your savings, advise on when and how to spend your pension to take advantage of any tax breaks. We can also help to ensure that your family do not lose out to inheritance tax when you are gone, so you can pass on your wealth to the next generation.

Talk to us today, we would love to hear from you. Taking professional independent financial advice can help you plan effectively for the years which lie ahead.

Pensions and Retirement Planning

It is never too early to begin to consider retirement planning. However, once you reach the stage of considering your retirement income, expert financial advice becomes even more important. The choices you make at this time will affect your lifestyle, so you need to make sure they are right.

Pensions can be an effective form of tax planning, based on current rules, achieving tax free growth and a tax free lump sum. Dependent upon your circumstances, you may be able to reduce immediate income tax bills or pass on the value of your pension fund to the next generation.

It is essential that you review your pension situation regularly. We can advise you on taking steps to maximise the income your pension pot will be able to achieve when you retire.

We can guide you through this and other key life decisions and advise you on tax-efficiency, making certain that you are saving enough into your pension, enabling you to enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Options are varied and will be tailored to your circumstances.

Advice on taking benefits from pension schemes

We are experienced in providing advice on the many options available when taking benefits from pension schemes, including:

  • Pension Fund Withdrawal (Flexi-access Drawdown)
  • Phased Retirement
  • Pension Lump Sum Investment/Portfolio Planning
  • Capped Drawdown Review
  • Annuity Purchase
  • Impaired Life/Enhanced/Smoker Rate Annuities
  • Investment Linked Annuities

Decisions made today impact on your retirement income and lifestyle, so it's important to get the best advice.
That's where we can help.

The value of your investment or pension can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.

Your pension income could also be affected by the interest rates at the time you take your benefits. The tax implications of pension withdrawals will be based on your individual circumstances, tax legislation and regulation which are subject to change in the future.

The levels, bases and reliefs from taxation are subject to the individual circumstances of the investor and may be subject to future change.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of Trust, Tax and Estate Planning.