Protect What Matters

Buildings & Content Cover

Protect your family from events like theft, fire or a natural disaster such as flooding.

Life Insurance

Life insurance need not be expensive and provides a safety net for thos you care about

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness may lead to loss of work, treatment and additional care costs. Make sure you are covered.

Business Protection

Do not overlook the importance of business protection, business owners need to plan for the unexpected too.

Relevant Life Cover

Providing peace of mind for your staff will be of benefit to you as a business owner too.

Business Protection

Business protection is a selection of types of Life and Critical Illness Policies, which help protect businesses from financial loss, should business owners or key employees, die or become critically ill or disabled and thus unable to work.

A business protection policy can be set up to insure more than one life and in the event of a claim, the proceeds would be paid out to the business or owners of the business.

Key Person Cover

Life Assurance or/and Critical Illness Cover bought by a business to make sure that there are available funds to replace “key” staff and cover any lost income during a potential transition phase, that follows.

Shareholder and Partnership Protection

Life Assurance purchased by the business to ensure there are funds available to buy out shares, if an owner or shareholder dies. This is also applicable to Partnerships, in line with the Partnership Agreement and Cross Option arrangements. Critical Illness Cover is also an additional option to consider for most businesses.