You may require:

Personal protection
Safeguard measures for a Partnership or Ltd Company
Protection for Key employees or staff
School Fee / University Fee Protection*

*Many people intend to save for their child’s education or pay fees from their income, but what happens if you die or suffer from a critical illness? We can arrange the appropriate insurance that could pay the necessary school/university fees for your child should the worst happen.

We can provide the right advice and guidance to make sure the right insurance is put in place.

Have you dependants you wish to protect, or outstanding mortgages/debts?

You might want to consider protecting your income in case of ill health. How would you meet your mortgage costs if unable to work due to an accident or sickness.

Are you interested in the cost of Private Health Insurance or Critical Illness cover?

If you are in employment, how long would your employer pay you in the event of long-term ill health? Do you run your own business and wish to protect your staff or key people.

We can provide the right advice and analysis of your protection needs. Remember life assurance and health cover need not be expensive.

If you run your own business it’s vitally important to have Partnership protection in place or where applicable cover for Directors’ shares. Likewise many firms fail to protect Key employees should the worst happen.

As your adviser we can help evaluate what type of protection you need, including the level of benefits required.

For Buildings & Contents Insurance and mortgage payment insurance we normally work from a panel of providers.

For instant Online Comparison Quotes for Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection and Buy

Term Assurance

Term assurance is a fixed term policy, meaning that the assurance will last for a certain period of time. Whether to protect your family on death / critical illness or safeguard an outstanding mortgage. Compare quotes now…


Whole of Life Cover

Unlike term insurance, a whole of life policy pays a death benefit no matter when you die. Compare quotes now…


Income Protection

Protect your income in event of an accident or illness that prevents you from working. Compare quotes now from leading providers…


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