Protect What Matters

Buildings & Content Cover

Protect your family from events like theft, fire or a natural disaster such as flooding.

Life Insurance

Life insurance need not be expensive and provides a safety net for thos you care about

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness may lead to loss of work, treatment and additional care costs. Make sure you are covered.

Business Protection

Do not overlook the importance of business protection, business owners need to plan for the unexpected too.

Relevant Life Cover

Providing peace of mind for your staff will be of benefit to you as a business owner too.

Protection Services

The aim of protection is to provide money for people who financially depend on you, or in the case of an employer to offer peace of mind to your employees.

It's important that you consider the impact and consequences that your death or your suffering from ill health might have on the people closest to you. You might want to consider protecting your income in case of ill health.

Come and talk to us if you are interested in the cost of Private Health Insurance or Critical Illness cover. You may be in employment and not sure how long would your employer pay you in the event of long-term ill health. Perhaps you run your own business and wish to protect your staff or key people.

Let us provide the right advice and analysis of your protection needs. Life assurance and health cover need not be expensive.

If you run your own business it's vitally important to have Partnership protection in place or where applicable cover for Directors’ shares. Likewise many firms fail to protect Key employees should the worst happen.

As your financial adviser, we can help you evaluate what type of protection is needed, including the level of benefits required.

For Buildings & Contents Insurance and mortgage payment insurance we normally work from a panel of providers.

School Fees Protection

Many people intend to save for their child’s education or pay fees from their income, but what happens if you die or suffer from a critical illness? We can arrange the appropriate insurance that could pay the necessary school/university fees for your child should the worst happen.

We can provide the right advice and guidance to make sure the right insurance is put in place.

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Buildings & Content Cover

Having adequate building & contents insurance in place ensures your home and belongings are protected from unfortunate events like theft, fire or a natural disaster such as flooding.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance pays out either a lump sum or a regular income on death (via Family Income Benefit), thus providing a financial safety net for your loved ones. This money can then be used to clear debts, such as an ongoing mortgage, or to fund everyday living.

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Critical Illness Cover

For many, the financial risks of a critical illness or injury are more important (and likely) than death, as it may lead to loss of work, treatment and additional care costs. A critical illness policy will make a lump sum payment or provide a regular income (see below under Family Income Benefit) on diagnosis of pre-defined “critical” illnesses, serious conditions or injuries. The conditions covered and level of pay-out vary greatly from policy to policy so it is vital to read the terms and conditions of each policy rather than simply opting for the cheapest one.

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Income Protection

Through illness or injury, a percentage of your income can be protected with Income Protection Cover. When your income is important, it's certainly worth protecting.

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Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit policies are designed to pay a regular, fixed, tax-free income on the death of the insured (rather than a lump sum) until the end of the policy term.

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Business Protection

The importance of business protection can often be overlooked. It is important for business owners to plan for the unexpected by providing adequate cover, that way the business can continue with minimal disruption should the worse happen.

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Relevant Life Cover

Providing peace of mind for your staff will be of benefit to both them and your business. A *tax efficient relevant life plan can help to attract and retain the best people. This in turn can help your business to thrive.

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