Building rewarding relationships

Our initial meeting is usually without charge, after which we provide in writing a full explanation of costs. We do nothing until we have a thorough understanding of our clients' requirements.

With that knowledge, we can identify the products that will enable our clients to achieve their goals, delivered by an entirely personal service. We then prepare and analyse recommendations, assessing benefits against cost.

Our final proposals are well-researched and constructed on the basis of what's best for our clients and nobody else. And, of course, we are prepared to work alongside our clients' accountants and solicitors.

We firmly believe in the importance of working together to build rewarding relationships, and working closely with our clients enables us to help them fulfil and achieve their objectives.


Saving for our Daughter's Education and Weddings

Thank you so much. Your advice to save for my daughters has paid enormous dividends when I received my plan maturity statement which will ease the financial burden for their education and wedding.

Bindu & Sanjay Gohil

Investment and Pension Management

Ash Pankhania has managed our investments and pensions for several years. Ash is very professional and is meticulous with his research. He presents his findings very clearly, taking time to answer our questions. He provides paper copies of his reports as necessary. We have every confidence in the service that he provides and have been happy to refer friends to him.

Michael and Lynda Langton

Professional and Efficient Advice

I have been working with Ash Pankhania to plan our future financial security. I can say that the service I have received from Ash has been very professional and efficient and exceptional throughout. We are more than pleased with the expert advice and guidance given. I would highly recommend Ash Pankhania and School Fee Adviser, to any one who needs advise for future financial planning.

Ashok D Gadhia

Peace of Mind for a Stable Future

Financial security and investment is a burden of everyday life. SFA have eased the pressure of handling my personal finances and I have peace of mind knowing that my family have a stable future. They take the complexity out of products and translate them into tailored investments for a secure future.

I have known Ashvin for many years and he has always offered the best professional advice when it comes to wealth planning. Ashvin prides himself on product and market knowledge that only comes through constant education as well as vast experience. With SFA I have access to the latest market changes and developments, ensuring I have the best possible financial portfolio.

Ashvin has always been tentative to my financial changes through the years. As one of the best IFA's I know, he also has the ability to engage on a personal level that, in turn, makes him understand the specific needs of his clients.

I highly recommend SFA's services to everyone who is looking at securing their financial future by making the “right” decisions. Thank you to Ashvin and SFA for delivering a polished service!

Sanjay Gohil

Exceptional Depth of Knowledge

SFA always offer a quick and great advice. From our initial meeting with SFA it was apparent that their depth and knowledge exceeded that of others we had spoken with. SFA have gone on to be our financial advisers for over a decade now! Thank you for always providing a great professional service SFA!

Bindu Gohil

Highly recommended School Fee Adviser

We have been clients of Ash Pankhania at School Fee Adviser for some considerable time. Ash has been so efficient throughout and the service he has provided is exceptional. We have been more than pleased with the expert advice and guidance given. I would highly recommend School Fee Adviser.

Gurinder Rajput

Successful Investments!

I would like to extol my congratulations to Ash Pankhania for helping me out with investing monies recently to which has been significantly successful for me with Ash's valuable and very professional advice, he is very thorough it the way he handles my monies for investing and with that in mind helps me to make a decision easier to find ways to increase my finances.

Ash is a very professional person who would never advise any investments without doing his sound research before meeting up with his conclusions as to where to invest.

Finally, I would recommend his services to anybody who is look to invest a sum of monies to obtain the best of returns in this current climate of low interest rates. Well done Ash, just keep doing what you do best.

Richard Langran

Both Professional and Polite

I have used Ashvin's services and advise since 2012. I always find Ashvin professional, polite attitude and explain in understandable way I highly regard Ashvin and don't have any hesitation in recommending Ashvin

Lax Pattni